Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I LOVE the 1930's  The fashions were so soft and feminine.  I always think of Myrna Loy in the Thin Man

or Jean Harlow in Hold Our Man with Clark Gable

Now you can re-create these wonderful feminine fashions for yourself.

Browse my Pinterest Board for lots of examples of 1930's fashions  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

John Thomas Hudson shuffled off this mortal coil in Fannin County, Texas leaving a widow and five children.  The family couldn't afford a marble stone so a rough piece of cement with his name and dates was placed on his grave at Belmont Cemetery just south of Ector, Texas.

The stone states simply J T Hudson Born Jan 8 1851 Died Apr 7 1916

We have been there several times in the past 20 years and were glad to find the stone and always intended to have a more permanent marker made.  Through the years we've taken several of JT's grandchildren and great-grand children to see his burial spot.

As you can see the grass and grounds were manageable.  Although not golf course manicured they were acceptable for a small country cemetery.

Imagine our surprise this morning when we went to place the new marble marker and found this:

Not only could we not find my great-grandfathers modest stone, but several of the larger ones were covered in rough growth and the entire cemetery cant' be navigated to do a thorough search. 

THIS is a total shame and no reason for it to be this way.  I don't know who is in authority over the cemetery or even who owns the land.  But am on a search to find out.  I certainly don't mind helping with a general clean up and I know there are others in the Grayson-Fannin area who would be willing.

So come on folks......  There is no excuse for neglecting this beautiful old cemetery.  Let's have a little respect for our ancestors.

UPDATE:   Feb 2013 .....   Winter has killed the grass so we went back today to find the original stone and set the new one.  SUCCESS!!!

We were able to find the stone and as we dug around it we also discovered an added line scratched into the bottom of the stone, "In God We Trust".

We straightened the stone and used the new granite stone to prop it so perhaps the cattle grazing in the spring will not do more damage than is already done.

 Born Jan 8 1851 Died Apr 7 1916

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boho Faux Fur Shawl to keep you warm this winter

 I know that I blogged this luscious shawl when I had it listed, but it's been a couple of years ago and I can't find it now.  Soooooooo  I really think it bears repeating, since I have found the crochet pattern to make this lovely.  That was the question I received numerous times while I had it listed, and before it went to a new and loving home.

Shaggy Faux Fur Shawl to Crochet

As you can see, the one I had wasn't quite as shaggy and fluffy as the one in the photo, but that is due to the type yarn that was used.  I do believe that the maker can do what they wish and have it extremely full or less so.

1971 Revisited The Hippie Peasant Dress

When I found this pattern in my stash the other day it brought back so many memories......   The summer and fall of 1971.  I had this dress and wore it to death....literally, until it was a rag.  

It was so comfortable and appropriate to wear anywhere at anytime of the day.

This was another favorite of mine that year.  Both the long and short version.  Perfect as a cover up for the pool or beach or to wear anywhere.

Simplicity 9415 Super Jiffy Wrap Dress

As a matter of fact I think I just might need to make both of these to wear next summer.  Think I can pull it off again?  LOL

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything Old is New Again! Especially in the World of Vintage Fashion

When you handle as many Vintage patterns as I do in a weeks time, you start to see the same concepts over and over and over again.  But seldom do you actually have such an example of the 25 year rule as I ran across this week.  Listed now are these three Bib Overall Shorts patterns from 3 very distinctive Vintage Eras.  Rosie the Riveter from 1946, Hanna the Hippie from 1974, and the latest in 1996.  Who knows what version of this comfortable attire will show up in 2021?  Just hope I'm around to see it.